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Corporate Social Responsibility

RaspberrySky Gives Back: Adopt-A-School Program

RaspberrySky takes a step toward building its Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to the community by partnering up with an Adopt-A-School Outreach Program in the Philippines.

Kapitan Eddie T. Reyes Memorial Elementary School is considered to be one of the smallest public schools in Taguig. The school has around 2000 students with four to eight sections per grade level. We learned that 20% of the students’ population are malnourished and are enrolled to a feeding program.

RaspberrySky can feed 50 students once a day and help the critically malnourished students to normalize their nutritional status and BMI. A little goes a long way.

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RaspberrySky was recently awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.

RaspberrySky’s involvement in a school in Manilla has earned the gratitude of Principal Paton and staff.On the right, you can see the new school building enjoyed by all the children.