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“It was a great pleasure to work with Sally Richards from RaspberrySky recently and have her project manage our GDS system upgrade for De Vere Group.  Sally’s approach to this work was professional and efficient, ensuring clear and concise communication at all times and at all levels of the project team, a key part to this communication was having regular effective conference calls with the GDS providers.  All deadlines were met, and any issues/conflicts were resolved smoothly and with little impact to our overall time frame.  As this is an integral part to our overall 2013 business plan we are very pleased to be going into the year ready to reap the benefits of this project due to Sally’s energy and commitment and also to have full supporting up to date documentation of this very important channel.” 

Wendy Barlow , Group Revenue Management and Distribution Director

The Situation

DeVere GDS production was good, however they were not on NGS connectivity and therefore felt they were not fully optimizing their channel opportunities, particularly in the transient market.

What DeVere did

DeVere Group commissioned RaspberrySky to review the ‘potential size of prize’.  Following the ROI study, agreement was gained for RaspberrySky to project manage the upgrade GDS and Pegasus to NGS ‘total pricing’.

The upgrade and rollout of NSG ‘Total Pricing’ was completed at the end of 2012, whilst simultaneously auditing all GDS content and developing GDS business processes for the ongoing management of rates and content.

The Results

“The results have been compelling. Firstly it has ‘leveled the playing field’ with our competitors, improving market share and connectivity through the channel.

In the Venues brand (around 3,000 bedrooms in 25 UK properties), we have seen average growth in 1st quarter of 24.3% in GDS revenues.

This is based largely on transient growth, with no particular spike in client specific volumes, so significantly attributable to NSG upgrade”

Neil Corr, Director of Revenue, DeVere Venues