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Hotel Connexions Limited

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“RaspberrySky’s professional and structured approach provided the expertise necessary to ensure all elements of our project were comprehensively covered in an organised and easily understood manner. Sally and her team made sure of their understanding of the issues and continually tested this through questioning and sensitivity analysis. Their own opinions were offered as and when necessary and remained succinct throughout. Their methodology involved all stakeholders providing them with the opportunity for their input to be considered.  Reports and feedback both verbally and in formal presentations were clear and to the point and provided an excellent platform on which to base far reaching decisions.”

Alex Lafferty , Hotel Connexions Limited

Project Brief

To help them to determine the best fit tour operating system to meet their current and future online needs.

How we helped

We spent time to fully understand their functional and non-functional requirements to challenge the business strategy, in order to come up with a robust set of requirements.  We then worked with the team to benchmark vendors both commercially and functionally to identify ‘best fit’.