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Lindner Hotels AG

“We decided to work together with RaspberrySky on the tactical pricing approach for 2013. A thorough preparation from RaspberrySky was the base for the successful workshop. RaspberrySky understood the complex Lindner system and in addition guided us in a very focused & through manner through the important discussion. Thanks to the professional and knowledgeable approach from RaspberrySky   we were able to prioritise our to do’s. Further we now have a broader understanding of the key market factors, driving and influencing our decisions. We highlighted the most important issues and feel very well prepared on our tactical pricing roadmap.”

Gunnar von Hagen , Corporate Director Operations and Central Project Management

Project Brief

To provide an objective perspective and strategic input for key stateholders responsible for the rate and room strategy for the group.

How we helped

Developed a framework for interactive workshop & provided the group with key market factors and challenged current thinking, resulting in agreement by the key stakeholder to the approach by market segment.