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As part of our GDS audit, RaspberrySky have been instrumental in assisting us in optimizing our GDS return through conducting a series of quality assurance checks for our properties. GDS Content and Secured Rate checks were carried out with the aim to eliminate the potential risk of turnover losses derived from wrongly displayed content. With hands-on support throughout the entire project, RaspberrySky exceeded our expectations. Our properties’ GDS display has improved a lot and key areas identified to help drive more revenue. We would highly recommend RaspberrySky to other hoteliers.

Nick Thomas, Sales Support Manager, Travelodge Hotels Ltd

Project Brief

To identify how to optimize revenues though the GDS across multiple markets.

How we helped

Audited a range of locations & product types across the GDS to identify opportunities to improve brand positioning and content, introducing ‘best practice’ to optimize search.